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A quick work update

So I really do think I work in the weirdest company.  Since I handed in my resignation there has been no mention of my leaving.  Not saying anything to others in the workplace that makes sense as I have seen 3 people leave the company and there has been nary a word mentioned.  BUT you would think that they would want to pull things out of my brain while I’m still there no?

It just seems so odd that they haven’t asked me if I am working on anything or if there is anything coming up.  I really hope that they don’t think it will not be a repeat of Christmas Eve where everyone else left at 12:30 and I was there until 2 getting stuff done that I was told to wait to do. ARGHHH!!

On a slightly related topic, the person they hired to do logistics quit last Tuesday.  She started December 8.  The woman who was doing my job when I started is now doing the logistics again.  This is the third person in that position in the 7 months I have been there.  I wonder at what point they will decide that it might be their process that is flawed.  The only reason I know the woman quit is because a recent hire told me.  She’s not up on the corporation’s secret keeping yet.

I am pretty sure no one will say a word when I no longer show up for work.  It is the strangest thing.


Comments on: "A quick work update" (2)

  1. Sounds like a toxic workplace!

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