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First day on the job

So this job in more in line with the print industry I was in a couple of jobs ago.

I started this morning not really knowing what to expect as I was vetted like I was going to be sitting down with the Queen. My day was very quiet.  In total I think I spent less than 2 hours training with my direct supervisor.  The rest of the time I was pretty much left on my own.

It was a boring day.

What is interesting is the job that I was at the longest was a small print house so I wore multiple hats.  At this place just about everything I asked about was outside of my duties.  It was very strange.

I am not sure how I feel about this place but I don’t yet see it as a place for me to spend a long period of time as I think I will be unchallenged.

The people I have met so far are really friendly and the work environment seems soooooo much better than my last job.

Right now I feel like I should still continue to search for something else. Although this company is fairly large and there are many opportunities within it, I just have to work at my current position for 1 year before I can apply anywhere else.


Comments on: "First day on the job" (2)

  1. It’s hard when you move jobs and are still not sure. I am a bit in the same boat. Have been in the current job for 12 months and I’m not sure it’s the ‘right fit’ still. I’ve shifted jobs a lot though and feel compelled to keep my resume looking a bit ‘stable’ again for a while.

    I hope you are settling in well and getting more of a feel for the job.

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