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No gym for me

As I said I would, I stepped on the scale Sunday to see a gain of 1 pound!?!  I don’t understand it but it is what it is. 😦 I think I ate relatively well.  I did my work outs.  ARGHHH!!!  Just keep swimming right? I do feel stronger and think I look slimmer.  That counts more that some stupid number.

Since I needed to get a work out in yesterday, I agreed to go to a BodyFlow class at the local gym with my BFF.  BodyFlow is a combination of yoga, Pilates and tai chi.  It was an hour-long and definitely had me breaking out in a sweat.

My BFF is trying to convince me to join the gym with her.  I am not sold at all.  The only class she’s interested in is BodyFlow and it is scheduled 2 days a week.  The gym we went to is right beside her work place and I pass it on my way home but $48/mth to do 2 classes a week seems a bit much.  There are other classes that interest me but the timing is not working for me.

There is another gym a little more out the way that is offering $10/mth but that only gives you access to the free weights and the machines.  And since BFF is a class taker that’s not going to work.  To take classes increases the price to $30 but you can only go to that location.

Tomorrow is the other BodyFlow class.  We shall see if she’s really interested in going.  We have 3 day passes that expire on Wednesday but I don’t see us going to the gym again.  I am satisfied with my morning workouts with Jillian.

Comments on: "No gym for me" (4)

  1. Chin up! Inflammation, changes in water level, sodium, etc…. Could be plenty reasons why- but most important thing is how you feel! Not everything can be measured by that number on the scale!

  2. I had the same thing happen! I have been walking big distances in the National Park and couldn’t believe my weight hadn’t dropped.

    That price seems very steep for just 2 classes per month. It sounds a bit like Cable TV here: they make it pricey for people to be casual users so it pushes people into the permanent memberships, which are also pricey but offer many more options. Do you enjoy gym workouts and would you be likely to continue?

    • I take comfort that I am not alone with the no weight loss. 🙂
      I am not a gym person at all. I like rolling out of bed and just putting on my shoes and popping in a dvd of torture, Going to the gym requires me to make myself presentable. lol

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