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Feeling so behind

My life is fairly mundane right now.  Work, home, sleep, rinse, repeat. I am starting to get the flow of my workplace.  It is still very slow.

On Wednesday there was a system glitch so I ended up working late.  And I learned about overtime!!  WHOO HOO!!!  Any time I work past my allotted shift I fill out a form and I get paid extra.  I get time & a half for any time over 40 hours.  Right now I work a 37.5 hr week.

Today and yesterday I am on the late shift so I start at 10:30 and end at 7 pm.  It’s not too late.  Since it’s very slow during the day I thought (wrongly) that I would be able to read from 6 – 7 yesterday.  Instead I was learning how to cancel a part of a job which is a time-consuming process.

I am hoping tonight will not be as involved. lol

Since I’ve been home late the last couple of nights all I do is fix myself something to eat and then catch up/annoy my kids then it’s time for bed. 😦 My inbox is overflowing.  My house is looking like it needs some attention.  The movies borrowed from the library are piling up. Lucky for me, it’s a long weekend so I will be able to knock out these chores and more.

My super is back!! Not really all that exciting EXCEPT I can now order my new furniture. Tomorrow should be the day I order my couches.  I am feeling like my dining room needs some help so I am going to inquire about the price of this set.

Dining set

I need to see if I can just order the table and chairs.  If the price is reasonable, then I will be adding it on the order. Then I only need to wait for the delivery truck once. 🙂


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  1. 7pm is a very late finish! But that’s brilliant that you can do paid overtime. Is it hard to get the overtime hours or are they looking for people who can do them?

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