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So … last night

My BFF is the absolute best.  Since I have been in a bit of a mood she took it upon herself to plan an evening out.

Recently she went to New Orleans and as much as I wanted to go as it’s been on my list FOREVER; I am still within the probationary period at work and it’s our black out period.

She came back raving about the food, which only makes me want to go even more.

So last night we went to a restaurant named New Orleans. The food was good but not great.  For appetizers, she had the seafood gumbo and said it was better in New Orleans.  I had the crab cakes.  They were ok.  For dinner we shared the Jambalaya for 2.  Portion wise it was more like for 6 as we both came home with 2 big take out containers.  It too was good but not great.  It was lacking something that I can’t put my finger on. The dessert menu was not calling us so that was the end of our stay here.

Anyhoo … this restaurant just intensified my desire to go to New Orleans.

After dinner, we went to a 35+ singles party … in a hotel … where I swear the average age was 55 … While I don’t own up to the years I have lived they are nowhere near 55. I think we were the youngest in the room.  While it was not a bad experience, it was not one I want to repeat.  Men my father’s age were trying to dance/talk to me.  It was a bit surreal.

Saddest part out of all of this is I was home before Diva who went to her BFF’s birthday party.


Comments on: "So … last night" (2)

  1. New Orleans is a place I’d like to visit too, why? The FOOD, strictly the food….yeah I might go take a tour or something but I just want FOOOOOD! LOL

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