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7 minutes

In what I can only describe as a fit of madness, I decided to run to the closest Tim Horton’s (doughnut/coffee chain) … at 11 pm tonight.  This is what happens when you ate more that you intended to and didn’t exercise all day.

Diva who is always up to go outside agreed to accompany me.  I would like to say it was mainly because she wanted to spend time with me but the doughnut I agreed to get her might have played a bigger part than I would like to admit. lol

So we walked down the stairs and once we got to the street, we started to jog.

I have walked to this particular Tim’s before and it felt like a reasonable distance.  Not tonight.  Part way through I wanted to stop and looked at my watch to learn only 4+ minutes had passed since we left our apartment. 😦

So I keep trucking.

At one point I slowed to a walk then decided I was so close to the finish that I should just suck it up and keep on going.

It was not as bad as I thought it would be.  I think I will be hurting tomorrow.

According to google map the distance between the two traffic lights is about half a mile. It took me 7 minutes and 22 seconds to get from my front door to the second traffic light.

Now I’m motivated to try to cut the time down.

In an effort not to overdo it, we walked home.

Comments on: "7 minutes" (8)

  1. Doughnuts. What can’t they do? Said Homer Simpson and me.

  2. That’s great; I can’t run or jog any distance!

  3. I think I’d implode if I tried to run! Well done.

  4. Running for donuts!! If that’s not a good reason to get moving, I don’t know what is, lol.

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