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June Savings Challenge

I have been thinking long and hard about what to do for this challenge.  The only thing I keep coming back to is my food bills.  They have gotten a little out of control recently.  Between the eating out and the stocking up, the amount I spend to feed us has grown tremendously. We now have a rather sizable stockpile that I would like to use up.

Example #1 – The big freezer

The big freezer

While it is not packed in the most efficient way it still contains quite a bit of food.  See all the frost growing along the sides? I would like to get this freezer emptied out so I can defrost it as I’m sure frost is not supposed to be in there. I also would prefer an upright freezer instead of the chest version I have.  A co-worker of one of my friends is interested in buying mine and therefore I can justify getting an upright. IF only I could get the freezer emptied.  We shall see if the interest is still there once it is empty.

Example #2 – The little freezer

The little freezer

Again not efficiently packed but still very full. Various packs of meat and sugary treats dominate this space.

Example #3 – The fridge

The fridge

You already knew it would not be nice and neat lol. I need to go through the condiments in the door as some of them have been there for years.

Example # 4, 5 & 6 – The shelf, cupboard and pantry

The shelfThe cupboardThe pantry

Really need to spend some time organizing these spaces. A friend did it for me a couple of years ago but it seems that we have fallen off the wagon a bit.

As you can see we have lots and lots of food in house. By the end of the weekend I would love to have it all inventoried so I can easily tell what we have.

I am going back to meal planning instead of winging it.  I really want to say that we used it all up and did not throw out anything.  I know that is not possible as I already am aware of 3 containers in the little freezer that I have no idea what is in them but I know they have been there for at least 2 years.  In my misguided mind, I thought I would remember what was in the containers and did not label or date them.  Silly bunny.  Oh well, lesson learned for next time.

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