Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

My exercising has fallen off recently.  I was working out daily until last Friday.  I can’t say what made me stop but I did feel like I was phoning it in more often than not.

Today I took a walk to the store and it felt great to move again.

Ignite by Spri killer body

In April I saw the above videos at my local drug store and decided to treat myself to something new. The Jillian video is exactly what I wanted a video, one that would just target one area at a time.  This video has 3 workouts; upper body, lower body and core. The reviews said the quality of the video was not top notch but I didn’t notice anything significant.

900 calorie burn caught my attention right away.  I must confess that it took me a while before I even took the plastic off.  It just looked intimidating.  I have done all of the workouts and they are challenging. Ashley does not yell or scream like Bob or Jillian but she still gets a place in my bad book.  I kept thinking I can do anything for 25 minutes and I was wrong some days.

Sunday I will dust off my videos and start over again. I have lots to choose from. 🙂


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