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To the water I went

Yesterday was a beautiful day. So much so I decided it could not be spent completely indoors.  So after going to Costco, which I need to avoid from now on, I took my kids down to Bluffers Park.  I have not been in a very long time and although we did not spend a great deal of time there, it was a nice and something that I will be repeating again throughout the summer.

Since I bought myself a lovely DSLR, I made sure to bring it with me. Ok, Diva reminded me to bring it.

Lake Ontario


Lake Ontario


Since I have the zoom lens, you can also bear witness to what I saw.

The Bluffs

Can you see them?

The Bluffs

How about now?

The Bluffs

Still wondering what I am looking at?

The Bluffs

There were people climbing up The Bluffs. WTF???? Of course Diva wanted to do it too. *smh*

Comments on: "To the water I went" (2)

  1. Such sharp photos – it must be a great camera!

    The last one is crazy when clicked to ‘large’ size! They look like they’re climbing a glacier. Spookiest part is the person up on the top left just watching!

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