Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

What a busy weekend

I am tired.  This past week/weekend was busy and fun filled.

Late Tuesday night I finally met up with my girlfriend from high school. Her children are delightful.  We were up until 4 am watching a movie and catching up. It was great. I really do need to figure out a time to get to her place in Florida.

Wednesday night was the bachelorette party.  And party we did. We played some typical bachelorette games and there was a whole lot of drinking. Pardon the fuzzy pic, it was taken after a few adult beverages.

Pin the macho on the man

It was a well planned event that was really fun. This bus took us to a club where there may have been more drinking. A bus to the club was a fantastic idea.

Circus bus

Friday was my cousin’s wedding. The ceremony really reflected my cousin’s crazy personality. It was a wonderful day. The reception was great as well.  My kids were the last ones on the dance floor.  We shut that place down!

On Saturday, Diva worked so I took Princess to Dixie Outlet Mall and met up with one of my cousins who lives nearby.  Princess’ wardrobe was lacking bottoms.  We found 3 skirts, 2 dresses and 4 pairs of jeans that she liked for under $170.  Not thrift store pricing but it will do.

Yesterday my cousin in Kingston christened her kids. Diva missed out since she was at work again. My Mom, Aunt and Princess made the trek with me.  We made it with 7 mins to spare. It was a nice ceremony. The drive home was painful. It took over 5 hours to make the 2.5 hour drive. We left just after 4.

This morning I hurt to get up. Right now, I am beat up, but happy and very ready for bed. 🙂


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