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A miracle in a bottle

My mind is going slow so I can’t remember if I ever mentioned my inability to hang in the sun for hours on end. Even with sunscreen and reapplying every 2 hours it still doesn’t help.

Then there are the times that I forget to reapply. Those are more often than I would like to admit. Especially after washing my hands. Usually by now my hands are “used to” the sun and don’t react. And by react I mean a red raised rash on the exposed skin.

Yesterday I went to a BBQ held by my cousin at a park near her house. It was a great day but the event was held at high noon. Princess and I arrived around 1:30 and left around 5. Even though I was in the shade for most of that time my hands and forearms were on fire when I got home.

Before picking Diva up from work, Princess and I went to a local organic store down the road from my cousin’s house and stumbled upon the holy grail of skin products. I have had this on my list of things to buy for a long time but the price always held me back. I decided to buy it when I next went to the States but it’s been a while.

Anyhoo, in the store I wandered all the aisles. I went in looking for sunblock and a Lifefactory water bottle. I broke my last Lifefactory water bottle in a freak accident, where it fell off my laptop table when I bumped the table. 😦 I want another one, but only in all purple and the 22 oz size. This store did not have purple in 22 oz.

While in the cosmetics section, I found Nature’s Aid skin gel. I bought the smallest size to test it out.

Nature's Aid (Source)

This little bottle was a small fortune, but after using it last night I may be willing to part with my first born for more. Okay, that might be a little extreme, but this morning my red raised rashy parts were not longer raised and significantly less red and rashy. 🙂 Nothing else has worked this fast. It’s a miracle in a bottle. I usually put on a lot of after sun products but it takes a few days for the irritation to subside. Overnight relief was unheard of to me until today. 🙂 🙂

We left the store and headed to Ikea to get meatballs for Princess, along with a stool for the front hall. Neither happened. We wandered the entire store and had a great time wandering the different sections opening and closing drawers like crazy fools. In the cafe, Princess could not remember if she liked the meatballs enough to stand in line to wait for them. And I could not commit to the stool, again. We did leave with a few odds and ends:

  • a new set of glasses as all the ones we have are breaking
  • a mug for Diva
  • a little plate for Princess
  • a bath mat for the kids’ bathroom
  • a whisk

My cousin sent me home with lots of leftovers and we still have food in the fridge so meal planning will be delayed this week.

I also brought one of those Belgium chocolate cakes that I told you about. Since my cousin is beyond prepared she had dessert and sent me back home with my cake. Diva’s happy, me not so much.  MUST have willpower, anyone know where I can get some???


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