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Yeah for thrift shops

I went to Walmart and bought the cheapest DVD player this afternoon. It was the only one that came with a remote and that was what sold me.

DVD player

It was smaller than any of the other DVD players I have. This is because it is missing the digital display. It worked but … well I was not completely sold. I like seeing how much time has passed when I watch a DVD as I have been known to stop mid-show and come back later.

“Funnily” enough when I plugged the dead DVD player into a different electrical outlet, it powered up. So I took that opportunity to remove the library’s DVD. Since it died unexpectedly I no longer trust it and out it must go.

As I mentioned buying a new DVD player to my BFF, she mentioned pawn shops and asked why I didn’t go used. It was like a light went on. Why didn’t I go used? It’s not like it’s hard to find used electronics. She recommended a store close to us and since I had to pick up Diva I figured why not pass by and look.

It was full of all kinds of stuff, guitars, jewelry, bicycles, cameras, video games etc. Even with trying to stay focused, we spent 40+ minutes in the store. We left with a Samsung DVD player with remote and 5 movies for less than the cost of just the DVD player from Walmart. It is similar to this one.


The sales rep at the store even hooked it up to a TV and put batteries in the remote to show me that it works. Service was great. I will definitely go back should I need anything else. Might even go back when I’m looking to replace my TV.

Tomorrow I will return the DVD player back to Walmart and that will be the end of that.

Comments on: "Yeah for thrift shops" (5)

  1. Good idea. I used to go to a pawn shop for CDs. They were being sold at $7-10 at the used CD shops and $1 at the pawn shop!

  2. […] My VCR/DVD combo has also decided to go on strike. I’m not sure if it is the power bar that it and the DVD player were plugged in to but … leaving it unplugged for a while then plugging it into a different power bar made it turn on. *sigh* Lucky for me I still own another VCR so I don’t need to go back to the pawn shop. […]

  3. […] was going to go back to the pawn shop that I got my last DVD player from but I’m on a no spend. I was planning to wait until August, until I told a […]

  4. […] Somehow I doubt my Aunt wants to see me sweating and jumping around in my living room. So I should go to the pawn shop today and get another DVD […]

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