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What’s going on lately

The Firm Turbocharge weight loss

I got another The Firm work out dvd from the library. These 2 work outs really worked me out. Each had these “mini bursts” which basically means 8 seconds of pure h*ll repeat 4 times. There are 3 bursts in each work out. O_o 8 seconds never seemed so long.

Princess had her wisdom teeth taken out this morning. The after effects of the gas was hilarious. When I saw her in the recovery room she was crying, real tears, because according to her “They removed my tongue and bottom lip and they weren’t supposed to do that. I want them back”. I really tried very hard not to laugh at her. And as the good mother I waited until she had calmed down before I began video-taping her. πŸ˜‰

When we got home I went into nurse mode and made her some split pea soup, one of her favourites. It requires no chewing. She is actually doing a lot better than I thought she would. She has eaten a bit and only had three Tylenol 3s with the last one being at bed time.

Not much is going on with Diva. Β She has five 8 hour shifts left before she’s finished working. We are still not sure if they will keep her on but she’s 95% sure that they will. I can’t see why they wouldn’t as she is trained and they seem to like her. So fingers crossed they will hired her on for during the school year. But not too many shifts as that girl still needs to focus on school.

My Dad called me recently to tell me that he can’t take advantage of some accommodations he has already paid for and would I like to take it … for free. I actually paused to think about it. Not sure why it’s just a couple of hours North of the city. So as long as all goes well we will be in the great outdoors in a week. πŸ™‚

I’m not sure how but I have a lunch planned with an old co-worker and my girlfriend’s birthday dinner scheduled for Saturday. My lunch will most likely be all you can eat sushi. I don’t want to re-schedule as this lunch was booked 5+ weeks ago. πŸ˜• Oh well I will be taking away most of my dinner or a wiser move, ordering less. πŸ˜‰

My VCR/DVD combo has also decided to go on strike. I’m not sure if it is the power bar that it and the DVD player were plugged in to but … leaving it unplugged for a while then plugging it into a different power bar made it turn on. *sigh* Lucky for me I still own another VCR so I don’t need to go back to the pawn shop.

I think that’s all for now.


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  1. Lots going on at your place! I really must try a fitness DVD someday; our library has so many.

  2. Your daughter is a hoot. My husband and both kids had their wisdom teeth out. My husband thought it was party time when they drugged him up. It took 4 times the normal amount of drugs to knock him out. The doctor’s exact words when he came out to ask me if it was ok to give him a 4th dose was “your husband is back there and thinks its a huge party.” I couldn’t help it I laughed so hard. They couldn’t leave him without supervision.

  3. […] seems to be in more pain that I recall Princess was last year. She slept a lot today which will do her well. She came out of surgery requesting a Big Mac of all […]

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