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My weekend up North

We didn’t end up leaving for our weekend up North until after 6 pm. Which put us in the heart of rush hour. I mapped out the route using the streets to get out of the city and then headed West to get to the highway. According to Google maps, it was less than an hour and a half drive to Horseshoe Valley. 🙂  Look at this sky.

On the way up

Being the foodie that I am I more importantly checked the “You Gotta Eat Here” show website to see if they went to any restaurants nearby. My options were a pizza joint named Pie or a burger place named Kenzington Burger Bar.


Wanna guess where we went? This was their Californian. It was a good burger.

By the time we checked in it was after 9 pm. So we just chilled out in the room.

Jacuzzi area with double sinks, just off the bedroom.

The jacuzzi area

The bedroom with a king sized bed.

The bedroom

The fully loaded kitchen

The kitchen

The living/dining room with pull out couch.

Living/dining room

The bathroom with shower and another sink.


For a family of girls, it was nice to each have our own sink. 🙂

Since we were on vacation, we all slept in. I’m still trying to figure out if it was the bed, the blackout curtains, the quietness or the fresh air that had me sleeping very well.

By the time we go up on Friday, it was well past breakfast time, so we went to the only grocery store we saw and bought some frozen waffles and bacon, pancake syrup, salad and corn on the cob. 🙂

Then we lazed some more before going back to the grocery store as Diva thought we should have spaghetti and sauce for dinner, also we forgot to buy her a toothbrush and well … O_o Once groceries were bought we eventually went to the pool for quick swim. That was enough activity for Princess who remained in the room as Diva and I went to explore the area. There were lots of interesting houses to look at. Oh wait I forgot, we also had ice cream at this place across the street from the grocery store.

Ice cream

Kawartha Dairy Black Raspberry Truffle; white chocolate and raspberries OMG so good.

Dinner was mediocre at best. We bought sauce that was not too exciting and it showed. 😦 But hey it was $5 and we only used half. The uncooked spaghetti we brought back, the sauce nope.

On Saturday, my Dad came up for a visit with my brother. They were supposed to arrive by 1, but didn’t actually show up until closer to 3 pm. We were perfectly fine with that. My Dad was appalled that we had only been swimming at the “local” pool and took us up the road to this place where you could zip line, play mini golf, climb a rock wall or use paddle boats. Princess was in a mood so she was not interested in doing anything. Diva and my brother went on the zip line which they both enjoyed.


This was the only time I wished I had brought my big camera.

We then went to Wasaga Beach to walk around and try this pizza that my brother says is the best ever. It was alright. Princess is having issues with dairy so she opted for fries. 😉 The beach at 6 ish when we arrived was still very crowded.

Wasaga Beach  Wasaga  Georgian Bay

After that it was time to figure out dinner. We found a BBQ joint on yelp that called our names, but when we got there it was no longer there. 😦 So we went to Boston Pizza. Not my first, second or eighth choice but I was not the sole decision maker and we were hungry.

By the time we returned to our room it was almost 9:30, so my Dad and brother hightailed it out to make the 2 hour drive home. We packed up as much as we could since check out was 10 am.

On the way home we stopped at the Cookstown Outlet mall. We walked it twice as neither kid could make up their minds regarding what they wanted. Diva bought Adidas slippers with the massaging nubs and complained about the “massage” the whole time she wore them. Lol Princess found a pair of black sneakers that will replace a pair at home that have seen better days.

When we travel my aim is to try food places we can’t get “back home”. We were beyond hungry when we rolled up to Master Burger in Cookstown. Luckily they had chicken fingers and fries which is Princess’ go to meal when out. Don’t get me started. The burger and onions rings hit the spot.

It was close to 3:30 by the time we returned home. All in all it was a good trip.

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  1. That sounds fun! Lovely accommodations and love your sky photo.

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