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What a great weekend

It has been more than a year since I last crossed the border. And for a girl who’s used to go at least once a month, it has seemed much much longer than that.

A few weeks ago, I received one of those group buy deals for a bus trip to see my beloved Steelers play a pre-season game in Buffalo. I debated jumping on the deal but decided to check with a few friends first. Turns out this game was already on the radar of many. 🙂 So I decided to turn this into a weekend away, so I can stock up on a few things that I can’t get in Toronto.

My plan was to drive to Buffalo, shop, meet my American friends at the game and then either sleep in B-lo at hotel or drive to Rochester and stay at a friend’s house. As it turns out one of my friends was in a play and the majority of the rest decided to attend the play so it was just the 2 die-hard fans going to the game.

Since the friend I went with is not the best driver, I drove to all the way to Rochester so he wouldn’t have to make the drive alone. Not the most logical decision but, it was the easiest way to meet up. I arrived in time but he was not ready at all. We were late. 😦 We missed tailgating and most of the first quarter. 😦 😦  After many delays and some crazy traffic we finally arrived!!

Ralph Wilson Stadium

Our seats were fantastic. 17th row from the field on the home team side.

View from my seat

It looked closer in person. 🙂 I felt like I could have walked out on the field. I was told this is generally frowned upon so I stayed in my seat. 😉

I was warned about the heckling and for the most part there wasn’t much. There were these 3 guys who would stand up and sing “Whoop there is it!!” every time the Bills did a great play. Over and over again. Since the Bills won, this happened a lot.  It got old real fast. O_o

We left half-way through the 4th quarter as we came to terms with the loss and wanted to miss out on the traffic. It was 36-19 for the Bills when we left. 😦

The scoreboard

I truly enjoyed the whole experience and am now trying to find a way to see a home game.

While in America, I did hit up a few stores and stocked up on some much needed food items like cheesecake flavoured pudding mix. canned tomatoes with chilies and cookie butter. 🙂 I also managed to snag a sauté pan than matches a few pots I already own. Found it on clearance. 🙂 Was the highlight of my shopping experience. Goodness, I’ve become a high roller!!! LOL

I am now looking forward to this weekend as we are going to visit my cousin in MD. 🙂


Comments on: "What a great weekend" (2)

  1. How fantastic to be so close to the States! I’m impressed at your devotion to sport. You would be welcomed with open arms in Australia as a honorary Aussie. I try to take an interest in Australian Rules Football (almost a religion in Melbourne.) I’m getting better at staying on task if we ever go to a game! 😀

    • It is a blessing and a curse as there are so many things that we don’t get here in Canada. I like football but I am open to attending live games of any sport. I find the atmosphere and energy of the fans really makes the experience more enjoyable.

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