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Vacation recap

As promised I took a picture of the view from my cousin’s sun room. I has mistakenly called the body of water a lake but it’s actually Chesapeake Bay.

The view

Every morning this is what I looked at as I enjoyed a cup of coffee. I was in heaven and it strengthened my resolve to eventually get a piece of property with a view like this.

Ok so when we last left off, I had arrived on Friday afternoon. We stayed in Friday and just hung around the house.

Saturday morning, after breakfast we went shopping at Marshalls and HomeGoods. It took forever to get through these two stores and we were hungry when we left.

My kids and I are big fans of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and try to hit up some of the places featured on the show. Princess and Diva saw an episode where the show was in Baltimore and actually remembered the name of the restaurant. However given where we were it was not exactly near by. So my cousin suggested another restaurant, also featured on “Triple D”. We went to a greasy spoon called “Chick & Ruth’s Delly“.

Chick & Ruth

It truly is a hole in the wall. The food was good, but I found it a bit salty. The kids had burgers of varying sizes. My cousin had the lump crab cakes and I had a Reuben sandwich.

After lunch we strolled down Main Street for a little while.

Main street

After wandering through a few tourist traps, we returned to my cousin’s house as neither she or her daughter wanted to go to Target with us. We tend to turn it into an ordeal so I don’t blame them.

I found a shirt and a dress in the clearance section and was horrified when I went to try them on. The mirrors in the change room showed me that Project Get Healthy needs to be revived asap!

We all slept in on Sunday and slowly made our way to DSW and Nordstrom Rack in search of shoes for the girls. Princess found the pair of all white Converse shoes she was looking for. Diva was out of luck. Afterward we went to a free concert given by the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra. Our “seats” were crappy as we were more interested in being in the shade that actually seeing the performers.

The symphony

This is a small sampling of the amount of people who attended as the concert was ending.

The crowd

It was a great evening. We bought some Peruvian chicken with sides and had a picnic in the park while listening to some wonderful music.

After the concert we headed home to relax some more.

My plan for Monday was to leave around noon. We left just after 1 pm. There is a little small town about 3 hours away that we always stop at to do some additional shopping, because we can’t shop enough!! LOL Plus Diva still hadn’t found her all black Converse shoes. I was very surprised that every store in this small town was open on Labour Day. Such a change from Toronto where I think only malls designated as tourist attractions are open on statutory holidays.

We were successful with finding the shoes Diva wanted. 🙂 This stop was about 2 hours long. We safely arrived home just after midnight. Traffic was fantastic. Moving forward my new plan for these trips will be to leave extra early on my trip down and extra late on my trip back.


Comments on: "Vacation recap" (4)

  1. Good times! And you got the travel timing right too!

  2. The house on the Bay looks so relaxing and beautiful! It all sounds and looks so summery and lovely. Would be good to sneak in one more trip over Thanksgiving before the really cold weather sets in!

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