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Almost 3 weeks …

Since my last post. Dreadful.

I found this DVD at my local library. Since I had so much “fun” with the last Tracy Anderson video, you know this one came home with me.

Mat workout for beginners

I have only done the 1st workout and it’s challenging. Again no jumping up and down so I don’t mind doing it late at night. According to one of my cousins, it will get me long and lean. I can go for that!! 🙂 At this rate, I might take the plastic off of the DVD I own. 😉


blue jays

I have become an official band wagoner. “My” Blue Jays are killing it!! LOL  Yes I started watching them again for the first time since the last time they were on a winning streak … 22 years ago. *blush* Shameful I know. I will do the same for the Leafs should they ever get their act together.


Sadly not much else is really going on lately. I did decide to finally host a get together on Saturday, a girls night in. It is a pot luck and if all goes well it will become a regular thing. To get ready, I will need to do some serious tidying up and decluttering. I like to entertain partly because it forces me to pretty up home. Maybe I’ll even get the mirrors I purchased over Labour Day weekend put up on the wall.


Comments on: "Almost 3 weeks …" (9)

  1. Sunny, you are so motivated!!! I read this post and it made me get off my tail and do a hour-long walk (up hills) and I even puffed. But even seeing the cover of that DVD makes me tremble in fear!

    I am so impressed that you follow Sport. Here everyone in the entire country follows Sport but I can’t keep up.

    I just asked my husband if he knows anything about professional ice hockey (since it does not exist here) and baseball (fairly rare here.) He looked at me like he was shocked that I would ask. “Of course. I know the rules, the competition overseas, I know the main players…’ Eek!

    I will go for the Blue Jays and Leafs as well so I can learn the rules of the games!

  2. Yay for the Jays, still in!
    25 minutes for a beginner is pretty scary. I like the idea of no-impact, though!

    Enjoy your get-together on Saturday. I like being forced to do cleaning, too!

  3. Definitely do the exercises that you enjoy and can fit in!

    • I will be the first to say I don’t think there are any exercises I enjoy. What I enjoy is the results; clothes that don’t squeeze me, increased energy, the faint beginning of a muscle lol
      It is so very easy for me to fall off the exercise band wagon. I am really hoping to get better at it.

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