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A workout and a meal plan

You know when you have a post in your head and then you dream that you wrote and published it so you think there’s nothing left for you to do. Then you check your blog and realize it wasn’t real??  This is that post. I swear I thought I put this up already … O_o


It’s been FOREVER since I put any thought into what we are going to eat. This week seemed like a good time as any to change that.

First the workout.

get chisel'd

Took this bad boy girl home from the library 3 weeks ago, maximum time allowed for a DVD. I did the 15 minute bonus workout last week. Since it was due yesterday and I was going to all you can eat sushi for dinner on Tuesday I did the full 40 minute workout on Tuesday. It took me 60 minutes to finish it as I took many, many breaks. One of my cousins asked if I at least kept moving when I paused the DVD. Nope! I sat down and huffed and puffed like the world was ending. There may have been a few tears.

Yesterday I was definitely feeling most of my muscles. And since I am a glutton for punishment, when I went to the library I borrowed Power Half Hour. In theory it should take me about 45 minutes to do this 30 minute workout.

power half hour

Alright on to the food!

Sunday – Dinner at my Dad’s
Monday – BBQ at a friend’s
Tuesday – sushi for me, slow cooker chicken & rice for the girls
Wednesday – leftovers for Princess & I, Diva babysits and eats there
Thursday – butter chicken & rice
Friday – leftovers
Saturday – pizza for the girls, potluck for me

Now you can see why it was so easy for me to meal plan this week. lol 😉


In official band wagoner news, “my” beloved Blue Jays won the series last night!! Yeah!!


Comments on: "A workout and a meal plan" (1)

  1. Go the Blue Jays! I’m excited because Mr D and I searched through our cable tv menu and discovered that we actually get ice-hockey matches from the US on TV here! I have to search up baseball next. I’m getting all educated on Sport!

    Lol – I do that all the time with the posting – parking things in ‘Draft’ then thinking I published.

    I am currently sitting on the couch in pyjamas eating vegemite toast (Sat morning here) but I swear I am going to get up right now and go to the Library to *finally* find out if we have Jillian here! That is very inspirational that you can do the full workout! Amazing effort!

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