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A book club

So it seems that I have started a book club.

On Saturday I had 9 ladies over. There was plenty to eat; a lot appetizers and desserts. Even though the start time was 5pm, most did not arrive until after 6. My friends can not tell time. lol

We discussed everything from food to movies to girly things and finally books. It was a great night with different personalities which brought a lot of laughs.

While we went back and forth, it was eventually decided that the book we are going to read is “The Girl On The Train“.

the girl on the train

I think 2 of the ladies have already read it but it was marketed as an easy read, so that sold the rest of us.

We will meet again in January which hopefully will be enough time for me to read the book … which is sitting on my bookshelf so I really have no excuse.

One thing this get together brought to my attention is that I am a rusty host. Really need to step up my game. I think that it’s been at least 2 years since I last had folks over.

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  1. That is such a great idea for getting a group together or for keeping in touch with friends. And it would be an easy way to bring different groups of friends together without the differences being awkward…different ideas would be a bonus. Great idea!

  2. […] Humans of New York books). This year I increased the number to 25. Given that I sort of started a book club I expect that I will be able to fulfill this […]

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