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I’m not ready

Diva turned 16 earlier this month and her father told her he’d take her to get her learner’s permit.

In Ontario, we have a graduated licensing system.

Step 1 – G1 License

  • pass a written test and a vision test
  • maintain a zero blood alcohol level (no alcohol in your blood)
  • make sure every passenger with you wears a properly working seatbelt
  • not drive between midnight and 5 a.m.
  • not drive on highways with a speed limit of over 80 km/hr
  • drive with a fully licensed driver who has:
    • at least four years of driving experience
    • a blood alcohol level of less than .05 (if this person is 21 and under, their blood alcohol level should be zero)

After 12 months, you can take the G1 driving test. If you pass, you get a G2 license.

Step 2 – G2 License

You can now drive:

  • without another experienced driver in the car
  • on all Ontario roads
  • at any time of the day, in most cases

You must still:

  • have a zero blood alcohol level
  • carry only as many passengers as there are working seatbelts
  • If you are 19 and under, between midnight and 5 a.m.: you can only drive with one passenger who is 19 or under in your car.
    • This condition applies for the first six months of G2. After six months, you can drive with up to three passengers 19 or under between midnight and 5 a.m.
    • This condition does not apply, if:
      • you have a fully licensed driver in the car (with four years plus experience driving)
      • your passengers are immediate family members (e.g., a parent, brother or sister)

After 12 months, you can take the G2 driving test. If you pass, you get a G license, all restrictions are removed.

This past weekend when both my girls were at their Dad’s, he told them he would take them today. None of us believed him. Well guess who showed up at their school today? And took them to the Driver’s License office … without any identification? So Mom to the rescue and the rest of my afternoon was gone.

I’m glad they both passed as it would have been crappy if one of them didn’t. They were very excited and proud of themselves. Princess is happy with her accomplishment. Diva is “ready” to drive. Good Lord help me. O_o


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  1. They must be thrilled! But I am freaking out already at the thought of my 11 yo one day being behind the wheel. Lucky your girls are very responsible already. The licence codes are very similar to Australia and should also help keep them safe. You can share driving when you next to do a big trip to the US!

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