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OTMTW – 10/27/15

So far the power has been consistent so I’m a happy camper.

I did the second workout from this video yesterday.

Mat workout for beginners

Part of it involved leg raises while holding on to a chair. Surprisingly my arms hurt more than my hips and behind. I am going to try and squeeze a 10 minute ab workout before I go to bed.

I did a little meal planning. I’m rather proud of myself as this seems to fall of my list of things to do.

Monday – lasagna roll ups I added jalapeño slices in a few rolls and wowza!! It really kicked it up a notch for me.
Tuesday – beef with black bean sauce with rice noodles
Wednesday – leftovers
Thursday – pan fried pork chops and rice No recipe needed just garlic salt and pepper, turns out amazing
Friday – leftovers
Saturday – shawarma


Comments on: "OTMTW – 10/27/15" (5)

  1. I haven’t tried any Tracy Anderson DVDs. That looks good. Glad your power is back!

  2. May the force be with you! Tracy is now my favourite out of your DVDs. I was won over at ‘Beginners’. Much more friendly than Jillian!

    Good work on the meal plan. I have totally fallen off the wagon but yesterday I spent about 2 hours cleaning out the fridge/pantry. Now that I can see what’s in there, we can start over with meal plans.

  3. […] I actually meal planned and stuck to it I’d like to show you what I […]

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