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Bits and Bites

I had a whole lot of thoughts to share and now I am distracted by some of the things I ate last week. Because I am so kind, I am sharing. You can thank me later. 😉 Please ignore my horrible cell phone pics, my Blackberry is ancient.

On Saturday, I made a new to me protein pancake. I usually use the Kodiak Cakes power cakes mix, that I pick up in the States when I’m visiting. It is as simple as add water and stir.

Power cakes (Source)

My kids are not fans. It tastes too grainy they told me. It doesn’t look like white flour pancakes either. Oh well more for me as I quite enjoy them.

I am always on the hunt for a “better” pancake mix. I am not a fan of mixes but never until this moment have I thought to look up “better” pancake recipes. **putting that on my list of things to do**

Anyhoo …

While wandering my local bulk store, I came across a new protein pancake mix that looked more like “normal” pancakes.


Made these with breakfast sausages. Not even the sausages with a healthy dose of maple syrup could save them. 😦

protein pancakes

Probably should have used a nicer plate if I had thought about it. Kids were not happy with these at all. The texture was off and I think when I cooked them the temperature was too high as the centers took forever to cook. Either way this mix was dropped off at my Mom’s house. Either my mom or sister can fight with it.

Since I actually meal planned and stuck to it I’d like to show you what I ate.

Lasagna roll up with added jalapeño slices. Tastes so much better than it looks.

lasagna roll up

My first attempt at beef with black bean sauce and rice noodles.

beef with black bean sauce

I will try to make the beef again. It was a touch too salty. I definitely need to learn how to make rice noodles. I think this will come with making them more often.


Comments on: "Bits and Bites" (4)

  1. It would never occur to me to make rice noodles. If you do, I would like to hear about it! I make regular pancakes, sometimes with half whole wheat flour, but nothing special – they are probably not very nutritious, but I don’t make them very often.

    • I will definitely try them again. I love rice noodles and really want to learn how to make them properly.
      I bought whole wheat flour once and barely made a dent in it before it expired. 😦

  2. I have never thought to make lasagne with jalapenos! That’s something my husband would like (loves spicy flavours.) The protein pancake mix sounds like a great type of breakfast – a shame it wasn’t so good!

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