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OTMTW – 11/09/15

Going to try posting this earlier in the week. Hoping to inspire myself.

Monday – taco night I bought a kit with hard and soft taco shells. No one likes the hard shells. Going to go rogue the next time.
Tuesday – leftovers Fridge is full of little bits of this and that
Wednesday – chicken stir fry with rice
Thursday – leftovers for the kids; sushi dinner for me
Friday – pan fried pork and sidekick Diva is in on the secret so she can make this. 😉
Saturday – shawarma for the kids; Uncle’s house for me
Sunday – TBD

I would like to fit some vegetarian meals in my life. In an attempt to be healthier and cost effective I purchased dried chick peas. This weekend I will figure out how to cook them so I have have them on hand for quick meals. My kids actually enjoy fried chick peas and rice. And according to my mother it is a perfect meal.

I “need” to do some grocery shopping but I really want to see if we can last until next week. We have a lot of food in the freezer and cupboards. Just got to get creative.


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  1. That sounds delicious (and healthy.) I really want to do more vegetarian meals as well. Love sushi too and would like to make it at home.

  2. I soak and cook chick peas, because I use them so often – I make up a whole bag and then freeze them. But I have to say that canned chick peas are pretty inexpensive and they are a lot softer (no matter how long you cook the dry ones, they are still firmer than canned.)

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