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I did too much

Last Wednesday I felt like I was on the mend, so I went for a walk. I stayed up later than I had been. I started to carry on like I wasn’t just knocked off my feet. That kind of arrogance costs …

While I am not back in the land of sick and suffering, I am not a picture of health. 😦

It doesn’t help that this weekend had me out socializing.

Friday night, my cousin invited me to one of those escape game rooms to celebrate her hubby’s birthday. Premise is that you & your team are locked in a room based on a scenario and given a time limit to find the clues that rectify the situation. Our room was a deadly viral infection and we had 45 minutes to find the antidote.

There were 4 of us and it was not a clear as it should have been. We had to ask for a hint as we were stuck for the first 20 minutes. After that we were on a roll until we hit another bump. Then we ran out of time.

Overall I would do it again just not as this particular venue. The space was quite small, the first set of clues were unclear and they turned up the heat as part of the scenario and I don’t think that it was necessary. Regular price is $30 per person … highway robbery if you ask me. Thankfully my cousin had a group buy deal.

Saturday night I dragged my BFF to a club to celebrate the birthday of one of my friends. The event was marketed as for 25+ mature, upscale clientèle … It was a lie!! LOL It was definitely a younger crowd. I was surrounded by drunk 20 year olds. I was amused, the others were not. We were only there for 2 hours. Afterwards my BFF & I went to a Chinese restaurant that we used to go to “back in the day” when we used to party hard.

Sunday should have been rest day but I had tonnes of laundry to do. I really wanted to wash ALL my bedding. Since I feel better I wanted to kill all the germs and have clean sheets and comforters. By the end of the night I completed 7 loads of laundry. My poor washing machine.

This week I am going to try to take it easy. Get back to taking better care of myself as this is lacking right now.




Comments on: "I did too much" (4)

  1. Omg! Those escape rooms are the best! We did one in London when we were there last year (not Canada London – London, England!) and it was almost the best thing we did on that part of the trip. But yes, pricey. It was some outrageous price over there. They’ve opened one here in Melbourne so I’m keen to try it over the summer.

    Good that you kept your sense of humour with the 20 year olds! You will feel better for having one the bedding despite the effort at the time.

    Hope you are fully recovered ASAP!

  2. *done. Not *one!

  3. I haven’t heard of the game you describe above but it sounds a nice one, like a life cluedo. Hope you’re feeling better this week.

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