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All cooked out

I feel like I’ve been tied to my kitchen all week.

Last Sunday, I fried fish. Never again, I swear my house still smells like fish despite light candles every day.IMG-20151220-00358

Cheese rolls, which in an attempt to get them brown I left in the oven way too long so they exploded. Tasted fantastic regardless. 🙂IMG-20151220-00360

Beef patties. A labour of love that I can not say I will be repeating. IMG-20151220-00359

On Tuesday I started my traditional pot of Pepperpot or as I used to call it when my kids were small “Black chicken”. It is a “stew” of meat, mainly beef and/or pork, cassareep and spices eaten with bread or rice. It is cooked for at least 2 days before consumption.

This year for Christmas I decided to make a couple of gifts as my parents need NOTHING. So for my Mom and Dad I made

Holiday spiced nuts. I only used 5 cups of nuts but it still turned out well.

For my Mom, I made Bailey’s

For my Dad who has issues with dairy, I made a non-dairy version.

FYI, the dairy version is very simple to make and tastes so good in coffee. 😀

Today my Mom and Aunt are coming over for dinner. I am making turkey parts (legs and thighs), potatoes, stuffing, gravy and steamed Brussels sprouts and carrots.

After tonight I am retiring from the kitchen for a while.



Comments on: "All cooked out" (2)

  1. Sunny, I’ve been scared to visit your blog because I’ve been eating so badly! I’m sort of relieved to see your giant festive cook-up! You have been busy – what interesting (and different recipes.)

    The idea of home-made Baileys as a gift is an absolute winner! I think I will have that on the list for next year. I never normally make gifts but you’re so right that people ‘have everything.’ Some family members made home-made things this year just for the creativity and fun of making something unique to others.

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