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Some days I’m so glad I blog. It allows to me to keep proper time lines. Not that I want to look back at this particular news, but I’m writing it here so it can be documented.

So remember my cousin who was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer back in 2011, she fought and beat it and then it came back last year …

Well we would communicate via text at least every week. That is until just before Christmas. She told me she wasn’t doing so well and I told her it sounds like I should visit. She agreed and told me she would let me know.

Since then I have not heard from her and feared the worst. I was telling my BFF on Monday that something is just not right.

Yesterday afternoon her husband sent out a text saying that her health has deteriorated rapidly and she is in hospice at home, comfortable but very weak and tired.

I still had hope that we could do a quick drive by (8+ hours away) on Saturday just to see her and say goodbye. I even contacted my Aunt who lives nearby to see if we could stay there.

Then last night a different Aunt called to see if I had heard the news. According to my Uncle who is closer to the situation, it is more of an any day now and Saturday might be too far away.

I am trying to keep my wits about me but it’s hard. I broke some of the news to my girls and there were tears all around.

I am praying for my cousin and her family. I can’t even imagine how they are feeling.

Also in hospice is my cousin’s Aunt who has some very rare disease and has been fighting it for the past 6+ years, possibly longer. So my cousin’s Mom has a daughter and a sister to worry about. I can’t even begin to think about how very hard this must be for her.

All I can do now is pray.


Comments on: "Sometimes I hate when I’m right" (4)

  1. Oh, Sunny 😦 That is awful news. I had wondered how your cousin was faring. I am so sorry.

  2. I am really sorry to hear that. It’s scary how fragile life is sometimes. Hugs!

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