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Why do I meal plan?

My kids seem to be going through a grazing stage. So we had leftovers on Monday that were supposed to have been eaten over the weekend. Yeah for no food waste. 😀

No problem we’ll just make the lasagna roll ups on Tuesday right?


Diva came home starving and craving pizza on Tuesday and wanted to treat the family to dinner. She was so excited to be able to “contribute” to our household I couldn’t say no. So she ordered 4 pizzas as Pizza Hut has a deal right now where you buy one large pizza at regular price and get up to 3 additional medium pizzas for $5 each.

We are slowly making our way through all these pies.

One of my cousins invited us out for Korean fried chicken tomorrow. Which I will be the first to tell you is so much better than any other fried chicken I have ever had. It is light and crispy and not greasy at all.

We’ve been to this restaurant before, it’s a little dark but I’ll see if I can get a good picture so you can see the deliciousness I speak of.

I am going to make my lasagna roll ups to Saturday. I will not let anyone distract me.



Comments on: "Why do I meal plan?" (3)

  1. Meal planning is awesome! It is nice to not drive home thinking “What am I going to have for dinner tonight?”

  2. […] I didn’t really cook a thing last week, I was going to recycle last week‘s menu. Then I remembered I was running […]

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