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Life update

The new job is going very well. I still like it. 🙂 There is a lot to learn and no manual to read. 😦 But I am really loving my coworkers … well most of them. There is this one lady who was hired a month before me and all she does it complain about what we don’t have or why doesn’t it work this other way. It’s a little tiresome but luckily she doesn’t sit close to me.

I am still working out. Just not every day. Mondays and Fridays seem to be long days for me so I try to work out all the other days. I really would like to get back to exercising in the morning as my evenings are all over the place. So far I’ve worked late 3 nights in the past 2 weeks. And it really throws my whole night off. I still walk up the 5 flights of stairs and it has not gotten any easier. 😦

I need to get my ducks in a row with regards to meal planning. I have been winging it and eating dinner at 8. Not great. So today I will make ribs and macaroni pie for dinner and some ground beef and rice for lunch tomorrow. There is a Asian Sweet Chili Sesame Chicken recipe that is calling my name. This will be on the menu this week.

I’ve been eating way too much pasta recently so I am going back to no carbs after 2 pm for the next 2 weeks as I have a funeral dress to fit into. I stepped on the scale and it was not pretty. I blame the candy at work. Have to get more disciplined about those useless calories. One of my cousins recommended “The Virgin Diet” which claims by removing 7 foods you can lose 7 pounds in 7 days. There is an accompanying cookbook that I also managed to borrow from my library. So hopefully there is some meal inspiration to be found.

The memorial for my cousin is slowly being put together. There is a committee of 7 planning it out. The venue has already been changed as it was deemed not big enough. The new place is beautiful and on the water. A place my cousin would have loved. Right now the plan is to arrive on Friday and leave on Sunday. Just need my Aunt to okay us staying in her place without her.

My girls are doing well. Princess is waiting to hear back from one school regarding the entrance exam she took 2 weeks ago. She has gotten into 2 of the 5 programs she applied to so far. Diva is still working and going to school and spending like a Hollywood star. I would lecture her, but she does give me a good chunk of her pay so she can use the rest to keep McDonald’s in business if she likes. 😕  Diva did managed to get Princess a job interview at her workplace. So fingers crossed she will get the job and can take a step to becoming more independent.

I think you are now all caught up.



Comments on: "Life update" (4)

  1. christinajavete said:

    Hey, girl! I loved reading your update, I’m glad everything is going well with you. I am in the same boat in regards to working out…I just find no motivation even though I need to work out! We can definitely support one another on this! It’s so nice to be back and to hear from you. ❤

  2. It sounds like life is good. I am sorry you have a funeral trip to plan. Good luck to Princess!

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