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Time to clean the oven

So this happened …


The funniest thing is I actually thought to take a pic before putting everything in the oven then decided I’d wait until it was done …

10 minutes later there was a loud bang, similar to what it sounds like when your cookie sheet “pops” in the oven. At first I didn’t move but then I couldn’t help but think to check.

Surprised is an understatement. I had heard about glassware shattering, usually from drastic temperature changes. I took it out of the cupboard, added the ribs and put it in the oven like I have done lots of times before.

Sadly this was the first time I made macaroni pie without covering it in foil first. It cost me dearly. 😦 It hurt to throw all this food out. I was so proud of myself for making the macaroni pie and using up some of the cheese we had, before it was forgotten.

My kids were game to eat it. They were not deterred by shards of glass. O_o

I take this as a sign that the universe wants me to clean my oven. A task that is long overdue.


Comments on: "Time to clean the oven" (5)

  1. Wow! I have never heard of that happening. I wonder what caused it? Interesting how parts of it have shattered like the safety-glass in windscreens (windshields?) Very frustrating to miss out on macaroni pie 😦

    • I was feeling on top of my game for reducing my food waste and then this. Oh well, I can say happily that I’m so glad it happened in the oven and not in my hand. 🙂 My coworker thinks it might have something to do with the fat from the meat heating up too hot. I have no clue.

  2. That has happened to me before, too. I was baking a casserole at 400F. Afterwards I bought a thermometer and discovered that when the oven temp said 400, it was really over 450! I have since bought one of those enamelled cast iron baking dishes!

    • I was baking at 400F as well. And I usually bake at 350F so maybe that was part of it. Interesting that only one dish broke as they are a set. I will have to look into enamelled cast iron baking dishes as I will be donated my remaining glassware to charity. Fool me once … lol

  3. […] didn’t occur to me to take a before photo as you had some idea of how bad it was when the glass dish shattered. I also soaked my oven racks as directed by Jillee, they came out rather […]

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