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Scary day yesterday

Just before 11am yesterday my kids’ father called me to ask me for Diva’s health card number. Nothing good could come from this request.

It turns out that my girl fainted and hit her head on a garbage can in the mall, just outside her workplace. She was ferried to hospital via ambulance. This is the first time since her birth that she’s been in a hospital.

Her father arrived first at the hospital. When I got there she was getting an echocardiogram. They also took blood at that time.

She was placed in a wheelchair and I was told to take her to a back room where she would be seen by a doctor. Only one parent was allowed in the back. 😦 She sat in the back shivering even though she was covered in 2 sweaters and a winter coat. Her father managed to sneak his way to the back room.

My poor baby was feeling nauseous and eventually threw up. This got her an IV and moved to a bed and higher up the list to be seen by a doctor. I must confess I was good until she got an IV. To me her cold and shivering was easier to handle than the need for intravenous drugs.

At this point hospital security did a sweep and we were asked to only have one parent with her. Since I had just abandoned my car in the short term parking lot, I elected to go back to work and get the few things I needed to get done completed. I felt like a bad mother the whole time.

Although I have taken both Princess and my sister to emergency and all we did was sit and wait, it still didn’t ease my guilt much.

Before she was released, Diva was given a CT scan. All test results, which included a pregnancy test, came back negative or normal. There is no evidence of a concussion and no explanation for the fainting.

My initial thought was that she didn’t eat which is something she often does. But surprisingly she actually had breakfast yesterday morning.

She came home just before 4 pm and was not a happy camper when I woke her up every hour or so. Other than a bump on her head and a headache she is doing much better.

She stayed home from school today and slept a lot. As of right now she seems like herself and the headache has eased. She spent a bit of time lamenting that she could have died. I was thinking/hoping this train of thought would lead to deeper thoughts, but nope. Diva is still fixated on getting her iPhone 6, even trying to convince me to go to the mall tonight.

On a side note, my child is a little too excited to say that she’s ridden in an ambulance …


Comments on: "Scary day yesterday" (4)

  1. Oh, Sunny. How scary. And how frustrating not to have a definite answer or reason. I guess with that kind of thing, ‘no news is good news’ in the sense that it can happen without any serious underlying issue. Do you feel like they ruled out enough things that you can feel confident it wasn’t something serious?

  2. I fainted several times when I was a teenager, and no reason was ever found – although they weren’t very diligent about testing in those days! My mother was convinced I had low iron levels. I think I had bouts of low blood pressure.

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