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Second thoughts

I spoke with the friend that was supposed to help me move the appliances and he asked about how much of an upgrade is the fridge and stove from what I currently have to warrant all this energy spent to coordinate booking 2 elevators and moving 5 fridges. And the truth of the matter is that it not that different from what I currently own. In fact the fridge is older than mine.

So I am going to send these appliances to my mother’s house. I will leave the dishwasher in her garage until I find someone to put it in my place.

Sometimes it’s nice to have someone to put it all into perspective for you.

On a whole different topic, yesterday I was in my bathroom when water dripped on me. My ceiling looked like it was sweating. So I contacted my superintendent and when I couldn’t find him, the president of the condo board. I was just trying to assess whether or not there was a leak in my neighbour’s place. Long story short I am now learning after living here for 10 years that there is a filter in the ceiling of my laundry room that I should be cleaning monthly. O_o SERIOUSLY!?!

The super came and opened it up and there was an inch of lint on the door itself that fell out on him. AN INCH!?! Of highly flammable lint … that my dryer blows hot air on …

We had a fire in the building 4 or 5 years ago and what I was told was the people were not cleaning their dryer lint. I assumed that they were not cleaning the lint trap in the dryer not the filter in the ceiling. Needless to say I clean my lint trap always thinking I was on top of this. All the while the one in the ceiling builds up to dangerous levels. Shortly after the fire there was a building wide cleaning of the ducts. But I did not put two and two together to make four.

I wonder what else I’m supposed to be doing that I am unaware of.



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