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No Good Deed

Goes unpunished.

Getting the appliances to my mother’s house is turning into an endeavour. I called the guy who moved my stuff 10 years ago and he wants $290 to move the 3 appliances 18 kms (11 miles) from a condo to a house. O_o

I called a second second mover and the weekend rates are $90/hr with an additional $90 travel fee and $55 for gas. If I use them on a weekday the rate goes down to $65 but they are only available 7-9 am or 11am-1pm. Don’t they think people work?

Anyhoo, I was really trying to get this all done yesterday, but when I went to rent a truck I was out of luck. So instead my sister and I spent over an hour trying to get the fridge out of my mother’s house.

At one point it looked like we had gotten ourselves up a creek as the fridge was stuck in the door way. Oy vey. 😠

I was eventually able to push shove it back into the house where we removed the doors and got it out the door. By the end of it all, we were tired and not in the mood to try moving the stove.

I have rented a truck for Monday and my friend has kindly volunteered to go get the appliances and bring them to my mother’s house. Given how long it took us to get the fridge out, it may not be an easy move. 😦 Hopefully he knows what he’s doing and can work magic to get the stove out and the new fridge and stove in.

I really can’t wait for this whole saga to be over. I can now understand why some would purchase new. So much less to co-ordinate.




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  1. […] We go to the movies and meals out, which now that I type it sounds like dating but without any physical contact. He was a great help moving my Mom’s fridge and freezer. […]

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