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At the last minute

My apologies for not being around but life has been rather mundane. I have fallen off the exercise wagon again. Couple that with the grey, rainy days and I have been rather low energy.

Work is chugging along. They hired another person for my department and she is a treat. She was even given one of my accounts that I don’t love. 🙂

There were far too many closed door meetings on Friday and they distributed some accounts of the girl they hired 3 weeks before me. I don’t think she’s thriving in the position. She has a lot of people helping her with one account and things are still falling through the cracks. 😦

I ended up staying late on Friday to finish up some orders since I didn’t want them sitting over the weekend and my manager asked how my work load is. Right now it’s not terribly busy. I wonder which accounts I will get from her. Time will tell if she is still there next week.

Yesterday was the deadline to accept an offer for college. Princess came home last night after 9 pm to ask me which one should she choose… O_o I love my daughter but her last minute actions drive me up the wall. I have been nagging her since mid-March when we realized she did not get into the vet tech program she wanted to.

Anyhoo, it was between library technician and 911 dispatcher. Unfortunately or fortunately our local librarians are about to go on strike over pay and job security among other things, so she decided to not pursue it.

I told her to take a year off and re-apply to the program she wants but she told me, she feels she would not continue her studies if she didn’t keep going. Okay. Whatever works. Luckily nothing is written in stone.

She says she now feels less stressed. All that’s left to do is to graduate high school.

The BFF & I went out again last night. Lucky for me it was an “early” night as we left around 1 am. We went to a 70’s/80’s dance. I feel confident saying we were the youngest people there.  It was an interesting event. I am sure we will not be going to anymore of these meet up groups. She met a guy who is 13 yrs older and deemed him too old but took his number anyway … I will wait to see if anything comes of it.


Comments on: "At the last minute" (2)

  1. Work sounds pretty balanced overall…hope it’s continuing that way. I think smart idea by Princess not to take the year off. I just know too many kids who don’t go back. Hopefully she can transfer sideways or into something else if she doesn’t end up feeling ‘right’ about the course.

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