Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Feeling blessed

Over the past couple of weeks I have been on the receiving end of many acts of kindness from my co-workers.

Last week when I was still on my cleanse I arrived at work to find a bag of cherries on my desk. A present from a co-worker who brought in sugary treats for the office. So I wouldn’t feel left out.

little miss sunshine

This t-shirt was given to me after I was admiring a similar shirt on one of my co-workers. It’s a little tight and I feel like I might lose custody of it to Princess. 😦

On Friday I came back to my desk to find a fruit tart sitting there waiting for me. 🙂

So to say thank you, I will be making Turtle Cookies as this recipe caught my eye. I will pick up caramels tomorrow as this is the only ingredient I am missing.


Tomorrow morning bright and early I will be driving to Ottawa to visit with one of my cousins. She is in the process of packing up her place to move and is need of some assistance. Since it’s a long weekend AND neither of my girls are working tomorrow, it seemed like a great little road trip to lend a hand. We’ll be back hopefully before 6 pm on Monday. So I can make cookies, of course. 😉


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