Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Until I saw this.


Get it together America. This ish is getting old.

I want to rant I really do but all I keep thinking is since the murders of 6 & 7 year olds at Sandyhook did not inspire change there’s not much hope that the gays will make a difference.

It saddens me deeply.

We can argue mental health and lack of funding; radicalized religious zealots; blah, blah, blah. What it all boils down to is gun control.

When I think back to December 2012 and my heart bleeds for those poor children at Sandyhook, I recall another story that happened the same day in China. Very similar in details, a deranged man attacks small kids at school. That story has a “happier” ending as the weapon of choice was a knife and even though he managed to 23 kids and 1 elderly woman NO ONE DIED.

This madness needs to end.

Comments on: "I wasn’t going to say anything" (4)

  1. It won’t change, I’ve lost all respect for the US government, not that I had a lot to begin with, but most Americans REFUSE to give up that “right” to pack a gun… You can argue with them tell you’re blue in the face and they STILL defend their right to carry. They don’t see somehow thta there are more gun related deaths in the US than ANYWHERE else in the entire civilized world. Absolute insanity.

    • It is insane. My Aunt lives in Arizona and she was talking about getting a gun. Her daughter pointed out that when you have a gun that becomes your first line of defense instead of your last. Thankfully Aunty saw the light.

  2. It is so hard for us in Australia to understand the US gun laws, mainly because we changed our laws here so radically. In my city, we had the Hoddle Street Massacre and Queen Street Massacre in the 1980s. Then there was the Port Arthur Massacre in the 1990s. 4 months after Port Arthur, our gun laws were changed forever. Admittedly, it is such a small population here compared to the US but it shows change is possible. There is such widespread acceptance and almost universal agreement with the tight gun laws here.

    • Sadly I don’t understand this idea that one must protect their “right to bear arms” no matter the cost. I will never comprehend why the average civilian has the ability to purchase multiple assault rifles. Makes no sense to me at all.

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