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Along with the exercise wagon, I have also fallen off spend money wisely wagon. 😦

So I have decided to join Sharon on her July No Spend Challenge.

My freezer is full of food and needs to be defrosted. This will be a great way to get it empty. I should only need to buy perishables.

I WILL IGNORE THE SALES. They get me every time. And because I have a chest freezer I just throw things in my cart willy nilly. Then items get lost at the bottom of my freezer. 😦

Every so often, I wonder if we really need the chest freezer. Something I have to really spend the time figuring out. It is handy when there are sales but not so much when food gets freezer burn.

I will also be doing another cleanse as my body feels sluggish. Need to get rid of the sugar cravings that have been plaguing me.

On a side note, today is day 1 of no jube jubes. AND I worked out today. WHOO HOO!! I will try to only have half a bagel tomorrow but I make no promises.

I am off on Wednesday as Diva is getting her wisdom teeth removed. I will take inventory of my fridge, freezer & cupboards at that time and make a proper plan for July.


Comments on: "No Spend – July edition" (7)

  1. Excellent work on the jubejubes although reading about is making me realise I haven’t had that particular candy in ages, and I’d love one, and maybe just one…! I am incorrigible 🙂

    We’ve been blowing hot and cold on getting a chest freezer for ages. I’m very interested to read your comments. I think we’d also have things lost and even out of date in the bottom, since we have those issues with a regular size refrigerator and freezer. Good points to note for us, at least.

    Sadly, I can’t be joining in the July No Spend Challenge. My July is going to be more like, “Spend ALL the Money!!!” (LOL!)

    • You can spend all the money for me!! I’ll read your posts and live vicariously through you. 🙂
      As for the chest freezer, I regret not waiting and getting an upright freezer. Much easier to find things in.
      As for the jube jubes I find it impossible to have just one …

  2. Yay! So glad you will be joining me! Looking forward to following all your successes too! 🙂

  3. You will have a very purposeful month!

  4. […] Diva seems to be in more pain that I recall Princess was last year. She slept a lot today which will do her well. She came out of surgery requesting a Big Mac of all things. Unlike Princess she was not a hot mess when she came to. She ate a lit bit and requested pizza. I vetoed that request. Maybe on Friday. But then again maybe not, I’m not supposed to be spending money. […]

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