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No more wisdom

Took Diva to the oral surgeon today to get her wisdom teeth removed. She was the last of us to get them removed. We are now all wisdom-less.

Diva seems to be in more pain that I recall Princess was last year. She slept a lot today which will do her well. She came out of surgery requesting a Big Mac of all things. Unlike Princess she was not a hot mess when she came to. She ate a lit bit and requested pizza. I vetoed that request. Maybe on Friday. But then again maybe not, I’m not supposed to be spending money.

I spent the day doing very little. I did manage a quick walk to the grocery store to pick up Popsicles. It felt a little like a wasted day as time flew and I did nothing exciting.

Oh wait there was one thing


Let me tell you what you are looking at on the world’s ugliest plate. Hamburger with fried egg, jalapeño peppers, avocado, pickles, cheese and red onion. It was delicious and will become a regular item on the menu.

Usually I baked the frozen beef patties but Diva complains that they are too soft. She will grill them on our indoor grill which makes for a big mess and a giant pain to clean. I fried this one in my green nonstick frying pan and the clean up was minimal. This might be the new way we make burgers in my house.


Comments on: "No more wisdom" (3)

  1. Ohhhh…that looks delicious! I kind of like the plate, only because I like most things French (and eat a lot of camembert!) Good idea for the patties…Mr D often cooks ours outside on the BBQ and it does make for mess. I hope Diva recovers quickly.

  2. Happy Canada Day, Sunny!

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