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And so it begins

I might have to do a lot more work on my way of thinking that I imagined. My first reaction is to go to the store and buy the ingredient I need instead of adapting my recipe to what’s in my fridge.

Case in point, I want to make beef soup. Usually made with salt beef and beef ribs. I have the salt beef, no ribs. First thought? Add ribs to grocery list. Then remember I am on a no spend challenge. Next thought? Increase amount of salt beef to compensate for no ribs.

I can be taught!!!

Instead of taking stock of my freezer/fridge/cupboard situation, I moved my living room furniture around … a lot. I supposed it’s still early enough that I could knock this task off my list. We’ll see how that goes. Either way I spotted some ground beef in my small freezer which I will take out and make dinner with tomorrow.

My only goals are to come in under budget this month and empty out my freezer. This being said, there is a concert tomorrow that I really wanted to go to that I am “choosing” to miss. Or at least that is how I am marketing it. 😉 Gotta keep my eye on the prize!



Comments on: "And so it begins" (4)

  1. We managed a free concert yesterday for Canada Day (actual cost: gas for the car and a $3 bag of kettle corn!) Good luck with your No Spend Month! If I cleaned out my freezer I would have to make a lot of banana loaf. I am always putting end-of-their-life bananas in there!

    • You could put the bananas in smoothies. 😉 I refuse to put bananas in my freezer as I never end up using them. So I either make banana bread right away or suffer through eating too ripe bananas or pawn them off on my mother. lol

  2. Isn’t it amazing how creative we can get when we don’t want to spend money? You did awesome! How was the beef soup?

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