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A short rant

I need new friends.

Back story, I have a male friend who I dated briefly but it just was not meant to be. We have settled into being friends.

We go to the movies and meals out, which now that I type it sounds like dating but without any physical contact. He was a great help moving my Mom’s fridge and freezer.

So I thought I would do something nice.

Maxwell was coming to Toronto (technically is here tonight), so I confirmed that he would be available and was interested in seeing Maxwell before I bought the tickets.

Bought a nice thank you card and put the 2 tickets in.

First things first he was surprised and I told him not to feel obligated to take me as that was not my plan but he said no he wanted to go with me. This was back in April.

Nothing else is said about this event.

Fast forward to last night and we’re texting as he’s at work from 3pm-11pm. So I ask him if he’s working this shift all week. To which the answer was yes. So I confirm that this means he’s not going to see Maxwell. He says yes. I ask if he pawned the tickets. To which I got another yes. O_o

What the what!?! I want to cuss.

Now I know I gave him the tickets so they were his to do with as he pleased but I thought we had plans to go. There was no mention of not going. This makes me wonder had we not had this conversation yesterday what would have happened had I texted today to say I was ready and what time should I pick you up.

All I can do is shake my head.

Not impressed at all.

Lesson learned.

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  1. Oh no-no-no. Bad etiquette by him. If he really wasn’t interested in going, he should have made that clear (or if he was just taken by surprise, he’s had months to bring up the topic again.) It could have left you hanging.

    If he’d clarified that he wasn’t really keen to go together then I think it’s fair (albeit a bit ungracious) that he sold the tickets. A tricky area! As a friend, you wouldn’t normally sell something you were given. Perhaps he felt awkward like it was crossing the line into the ‘dating’ world. I think you should bring it up with him if possible and see what he was thinking!

  2. Ah, too bad, very vague communication. Sounds like he didn’t want to commit to actually going but didn’t want to hurt your feelings by saying so, and then topped it off by never mentioning it again and hoping you would forget! It sounds like neither of you articulated that you really loved Maxwell and really wanted to go. I am sorry you missed the show – I would have gone with you 🙂

  3. Holy Crap. What a loser.

  4. Wtf? Hopefully that was a TOTAL miscommunication. Or ya…. Get new friends.

  5. […] see where did we leave off? Ah yes the missed Maxwell concert. I did speak to my “friend” and his take on it was since I had secretly put my ticket […]

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