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Last week, we had a visiting co-worker from California. She is a lovely lady and I got a chance to get to know her better as I was her “date” Friday night since everyone else was busy.

She did not want to spend the evening in her hotel room so I, the homebody, was tasked with figuring out what we would do. I took her to The Real Jerk as she had never had Jamaican food before. She really enjoyed her curry chicken roti. Our waiter was not the most attentive and neglected to bring our jerk flavoured wings and got our drinks mixed up. We still managed to leave full and content.

During dinner she mentioned that she would like to see Niagara Falls before she leaving on Saturday evening. She expressed doubt that she would go by herself so I volunteered to play tour guide. I was up very early to make sure we got there and back in time for her 6 pm flight. From my neighbourhood it’s about 1.25 hours without traffic.

We arrived around 9 am. The first thing we did was buy tickets to the Hornblower boat ride, which takes you to the base of the falls. Even though it was early there was still a short wait.


After that it was time for a meal, some souvenir shopping and then a walk to the falls. We headed back to the car around 2 pm in order to get to the airport by 4 pm giving her plenty of time to return her rental and check in.

It was a great way to spend the day. I forgot how much I love Niagara. And the weather was perfect for being out and about.

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  1. So awesome to live that close to such a spectacle!

    We have family on Mr D’s side who have been to both sides of the US (New York as well.) As we’ve followed the trip on Facebook it has really made us think about actually planning a US and Canada trip for the future. We have another friend who is Facebooking their way through the Rockies at the moment, which looks like a dream come true to me!

    • I long to go to the West coast. My cousin before she passed took her family from Colorado to Los Angeles with a pass through the Grand Canyon. She said it was a great trip with not too many hours in the car at once.

  2. I have never been there – I always think of it as being hours from Toronto!

  3. […] in Niagara, I got caught up and bought a some souvenirs. Nothing extravagant, a couple of zipper pulls with […]

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