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Deferred Spending

Since starting this no spend challenge, I have been thinking about things I would buy but will put off until the challenge is over.

It’s no secret that my exercise has been less than stellar lately. I really want to change this. Getting up in the morning is not working for me.  What has worked is doing it right after work. But recently when I get home one or both of my kids are home and watching something on TV in the living room.

This lead me to think about getting a DVD player for my room. Thank goodness I procrastinated on getting rid of the TV in my bedroom.;)

I was going to go back to the pawn shop that I got my last DVD player from but I’m on a no spend. I was planning to wait until August, until I told a friend who mentioned he might have one in his mother’s garage. Fingers crossed, I can save myself $20. 🙂

Comments on: "Deferred Spending" (2)

  1. It would be fantastic to score one that is not being used…and it might even do the other person a favour by decluttering something that is taking up space for them. Do you have Freecycle or something similar in your area?

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