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My youngest, Diva, has agreed to babysit her younger sister for the month of August so she has been staying at her father’s house since the beginning of the month.

She is the one who has been gunning to move out. I’m okay with her moving as her only option at this time is her father’s house. I can’t be the only one to have all the “fun”. 😉 She was not on board before now. Maybe this month will change her mind.

Granted he does not live close enough to her current school that it would make sense to move now. Given this is her last year of high school, she should stay put.

It’s been an interesting time without her. Princess has stepped up a little. She is still slow (by my standards) to react to my requests but it’s getting better. My major complaint was the dish drainer which she is now emptying without any nagging. 🙂 A win in my book.

I miss my little one as she is the one most likely to go for a walk with me which is very nice as we got one on one time and I heard all about her day. I text her now but it’s not the same. 😦

I saw her yesterday when I picked her up from work to bring her home so she could change and then she was gone again.

I’m glad Diva is getting this time with her father’s side of the family. I gently poked Princess to do the same but she was not having it. Guess she was telling the truth when she said she’s not leaving me. *sigh*

Comments on: "As glimpse of things to come" (4)

  1. It is great that the option is to go somewhere ‘known’ and where she has other family and siblings. But yes – hard if it’s her last year of high school and it could disrupt things. Will be interesting to see how she finds the time away now!

  2. What a change for all of you! It must be so different for her to be with a younger sibling 24/7, let alone being actually responsible for her. Interested to hear how it all worked out!

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