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Freezer inventory

Small freezer.


Chest freezer. This will need to be defrosted at some point.


I have 2 freezers chocked full of … I have no idea what.

My goal over this winter is to eat out of the freezer. Ignore any sales on meat. Resist the desire to eat anything other than what I have on hand. Give away anything I know we will not eat. Like the English muffins that are in the top photo (lower right corner).

Meal planning would definitely help with this. My problem with meal planning is that not everyone eats in my house. So I am trying to find the balance between having too much and not enough. Now that my girls are working they are more inclined to eat out than at home, unless it is the few days before pay day …. O_o

At some point I would like to take inventory of the freezers to see what I am working it but I am procrastinating like there is no tomorrow. From my memory I know I have 2 whole chickens, various types of sausages, ground beef, chicken thighs (with and without bone), shrimp and sole fillets. There is also fish sticks, chicken strips and chicken wings.

I did take out some ground beef and chicken thighs for dinner this week. I also know think those meatballs will be used up this week.

I am making split pea soup today. Princess and I will happily eat this, Diva not so much. Maybe I’ll make spaghetti and meatballs as well since that is quick and easy. Plus I have zucchini so I can make zoodles for myself. 🙂



Comments on: "Freezer inventory" (4)

  1. Any chance you could talk to the girls and come to some agreement on what days they eat and home and not? You’d probably be doing them a favour to “force” them a bit into planning. Eating out gets expensive, even going for cheap options. I wish I had never gotten into the habit when I was starting out. It felt so grown-up but really, all it was was expensive and bad-habit-forming. If they say they will be home to eat, then they need to keep to that and understand why. Otherwise, I’m very jealous of your freezer. I’m wracking my brain trying to figure out where I might possibly squeeze one in here and so far all I’ve got is get rid of the washing machine (there is a communal one in the cellar I can use) and use that space (in the bathroom) for a freezer. Or out on the balcony. Neither is really a terribly feasible option.

    • I wish it was that easy. On the days that my kids are not working they tend to go out with their friends. Sometimes when they are home they just don’t feel like eating. I am going to approach this as a preview of when I live alone and only cook for myself. If they eat great. If not I have leftovers which I don’t mind.
      Chest freezers are great, but I find myself buying way more than I need. Once I empty it, I will be seeing if I can live without it. Especially now that I am not feeding 3 full time.

  2. I often think about getting a chest freezer but have never quite committed! I love split pea soup.

    • If you have been living this long without a chest freezer keep going. I find that I buy way more than I need because I know I have the space to store it.
      I forgot how much I like split pea soup.

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