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Small advances

For the first time in at least 5 years I did a morning work out and you know what? It didn’t kill me. And this was with my late bed time and early morning wake up, a total of about 4 hours sleep.

I’m beat but I am glad I knocked it out this morning as I was beyond tired when I got home. Although habit had me putting on my workout clothes when I came home from work. lol

From the weekend’s list of things to do, I managed to empty out both bathroom cabinets, donate 2 bags of stuff and take the 2 boxes of CDs that have been sitting in a corner to the used CD store to sell. They pretty much gave me back 2 boxes as they only took 45 CDs. Which netted me $80! Not bad for crap that was collecting dust in my dining room.

The next thing to figure out if I am going to try to take the rest to another store or just donate them. Any thoughts?

Comments on: "Small advances" (3)

  1. You survived an a.m. workout – good stuff! You are lucky to get any money for used CDs – I would say try again and wrangle the last few dollars out of them!

  2. Well done on the workout and 4 hrs sleep sucks. LOL!! I hate that, that’s my life lately… As for the CD’s, that’s a nice little sum! I’d perhaps list them locally cheap and see what you can unload but give yourself a timeline (I say to myself, If this doesn’t sell in 2 weeks, I donate) ’cause I hate clutter. Good luck!!

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