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Trying new things

This past week I was offered the opportunity to go ice fishing. This year I am determined to try new things. And even though it is my no spend month, I figured when next would I really go. Let’s just say ice fishing, the way I went, is not for the financially challenged.

We set out at 6 am for a day on frozen Lake Simcoe on Tuesday. Having no idea what to expect I deferred to my friend who is a regular. His tendency is to stop at Tim Horton’s on the way to stock up on food. Not a huge fan of Tim’s food as it is mainly sandwiches and bagels, but when in Rome … Not exactly good for my low gluten, sugar & dairy eating plan, but one day won’t hurt, right?


This is the ice at the front door of the hut. It was a total mind #$%$^# as at some parts it did not look like it was frozen enough to support my weight.


Above is the view from the front door of my hut to the outhouse on the left. It was a long shuffle that I only made once. I refused to drink much for the rest of the day having made that trek. Once was enough.

It was a cold day but it was relatively warm in the hut. There is a propane stove that offers heat and means to make a meal. There were 2 long rectangular holes in the bottom of the hut to allow access to the lake. It was a little nerve racking at first.


The views were quite lovely, even though it was cold. It was a great day for my first experience at ice fishing.

All told I would definitely do it again. I almost went again today, except I knew it would completely mess up my no spend month as I need a day to prep for the week ahead. The next time I will be walking with food and a pot to cook in.

Comments on: "Trying new things" (2)

  1. So beautiful! And freezing! Was anybody catching any fish? What kinds are in the lake?

  2. […] no spend challenge was a success. I only ate out twice last month. Once when I went ice fishing and the other was treating Diva because she had a bad week. It was not as bad as I thought it would […]

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