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Happy New Year

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Well look who’s back!?!

It was never my intention to stay away so long. I actually only planned to take the summer off as it got away from me. I had the best time socializing and my bank account acknowledges this. The fall came around and I was not inspired to say anything. Not sure I am now but I figured it’s a new year, time to give this another go. I miss this space.

I am sadly still trying to manage my time better. Since I am typing this up at almost 1 am I am not succeeding. But hopefully accountability is really what I need.

I’ll be back sooner rather than later with a brief recap of the past 6 months and my plans for the foreseeable future. Until then, good night and I hope life has been treating you kindly.

Comments on: "Happy New Year" (4)

  1. Happy New Year, Sunny!

  2. Would love to hear what you’ve been up to, Sunny! Happy 2020!

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