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March Recap

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted anything since the last monthly recap… Not much has happened since last month. Life is just chugging along.

Last year I bought a dresser from Ikea and thought a friend of mine would put it together. Well he politely declined. I held out hope but gave up at the end of last year. I took the third week of March off and put assembling this on my list of things to do. I can say this is now done. I started it on the first day of my vacation and found that I was missing a part. I had to make an appointment at Ikea to discuss the missing part. I was told by security that I may not get the part if I don’t have a receipt. 🤬Since I don’t have the receipt and am outside of the 365 days I did not have high hopes. In the end a second customer service rep suggested a manager override and I left with the part.

I lost the motivation to finish putting the dresser together and tackled it yesterday. I hurt. Making 8 drawers with a screwdriver and a hammer is not for the weak. To make matters worse I think I have injured my shoulder. Superwoman over here, decided today was a good day to clean my entire place and move furniture. 🤦‍♀️ At one point today I couldn’t lift my arm without pain. I am going to rest it. Tomorrow I was to start a boot camp, that will be put on hold.

I have not exercised in the past two weeks. I am still keeping up my 10K steps per day. I bought proper shoes and it makes all the difference. My weight has not changed but my measurements are no longer going in the right direction so as soon as my shoulder feels better I will be back to working out.

I read 4 books in March. I started Obama’s latest book and could not get into it. The paper used to print it is very nice but I was not in the right head space for this novel. It went back to library with only 7 chapters finished. I actually read Royal Holiday and Gone in about 2 days each. Both are part of series that I enjoyed. I am trying to get all of Lisa Gardner’s books read as I have yet to read one I didn’t enjoy. Until my beloved Karin Slaughter writes another book I will slowly work my way through Lisa Gardner’s work. I read Karin’s series out of order so I am trying to do better with Lisa’s books.

There were 13 no spend days last month. But the days I did spend were VERY spendy! Going to try to stay focused this month. I went on a couple of outings and my credit card sure shows that. I really don’t have any needs so I will try to keep that in mind this month.

I survived my no meat challenge. I will try to remain more plant based but there is a lot of meat in my freezer that needs to be eaten. I tried to convince my kids we should have Sunday dinner but no one was on board. Looks like I will have to eat it all by myself. 😦

That’s all I have for now.

Hope all is well in your world.

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  1. Hi Sunny, I’m glad all is well! I have assembled a lot of IKEA furniture in my life 🙂 Lately I find the fasteners may break. They should include extras!

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