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October Recap

The view from someplace near Shediac, NB.

Yes I know this is long overdue but life got away from me.

The whole trip was filled with early mornings, which with the time change was not ideal. Having said that those early wakeups did not stick. The trip to the East Coast was not what I was expecting. Turns out it was more of a work trip than a leisure trip as my friend’s sister needed a lot of help to stage the Air BnB she owns. There was minimal sightseeing except for when we went to the coast to get lobster.

I did not eat my way around Moncton or eat locally as often I would have liked. The location was ideal, walking distance from downtown but we were too busy with getting the place ready for a photoshoot. It is a big beautiful home that has been renovated to my friend’s sister high end tastes. There was a lot of cleaning and moving and cleaning and rearranging. Did I mention the cleaning? Meeting with contractors and day dreaming about other properties was also done. But I did not really see New Brunswick, so a return trip will be made.

I did come back with a rug which my Dad has offered to use his carpet cleaner on, saving me some coin. The trip home was straight 16 hours which was not as bad as I thought it would be. Mostly because I was in the back seat and might have taken a couple of naps. LOL

Can you tell what city I am in based on the two images above? Toronto on the left, when I started my trip and Vancouver on the right when I landed.

I went to Vancouver for 7 days. It rained every day except 1 while my friends were there and they apparently took the rain with them when they left on day 5. We toured all over BC and it was beautiful, except for the rain. Actually broke my heart to see Abbotsford under water a couple weeks after we were there. While we did not go on the Capilano bridge or on a gondola like we planned, it was still a great trip.

The mountains are beautiful. Will definitely need to return when there is less rain.

I had a great month travelling to both coasts. Absolutely need to see more of Canada.

I read a lot as the driving was done by not me! This might be the most I have read in a month ever. I enjoyed all books except The Other Black Girl. This was the 3rd or 4th time it came home from the library.

Well that was October, November to come before too long.

Hope all is well in your world.

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  1. Sounds like your trips weren’t ideal but it would be soooo nice just to get away!

  2. […] think all my travelling last month inspired my parents to do a bit of their own travelling. Only thing is that they have fur […]

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