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November recap

I think all my travelling last month inspired my parents to do a bit of their own travelling. Only thing is that they have fur dependents who require care. Good thing I am such an agreeable soul. Full disclosure the most dog sitting I have ever done is a couple of walks, nothing more. So my parents had to explain the routine for their 2 dogs. Walks 3 times a day. Twice a day feedings. My new life for 3 weeks.

I will be the first to say that 3 weeks in someone else’s house is about 2.5 weeks too long. The first week I was sticking to my usual bedtime and learned that with the early morning walks I need to get to bed much earlier in order to not be grumpy since sleeping in was not an option.

I did learn that I do well getting up early when I have something to do that can not be postponed like a flight, meeting up with a friend or walking dogs. I was up every morning at 7am while at my parents’ house. It did not stick when I returned to my own home. 😦

I found having dogs to be a bit restrictive as it felt like I was always rushing back to take them out. It doesn’t help that they are old dogs and not going on schedule led to accidents. So I was very happy when my parents returned a day early. Although sleeping in my own bed was a bit strange as I live in an apartment and got used to not hearing anyone above me.

Three books were read during November. I really liked Anxious People. The other two were alright.

No exercising was done in November outside of walking the dogs. And walking my parents’ dogs is not really exercise as they walk slow and stop often.

That was November.

Hope all is well in your world.

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  1. I have never been a dog sitter before – I wonder if I would be up for it 🙂

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