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December Recap

This one is going to short and sweet and mainly because when I look back I don’t want to see the jump from November to January on the blog and I can’t remember much.

The parentals had an overnight trip to visit my brother and so I was back on duty. It was only one night so not too disturbing to my routine.

Just before Christmas, one of my coworkers messaged me in the afternoon to advise me to stay home the next day. Seems that there were enough unrelated positive Covid cases that shut down the building to non-essential staff. If you could work from home, you were advised to stay home. The official email went out at 8pm… Since I was not scheduled to be in the office the next day, I was not affected but as someone who does not read work emails outside of work hours I would have been in the office the next day unaware.

I read 7 books in December. I started The Power of One back in 2013 and stopped part way through. And even though it is the basis for my favourite movie I still started back at page 1. I find I am reading way more romance novels that ever before. Mindless reading and happy endings for the win!

On Christmas Eve, I got back on the exercise bandwagon. I figured since I was working from home there was no reason I could not resume working out. I ended up working out for the rest of the month. 🙂

That about covers the it.

Hope all is well in your world.

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